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Social Security

Sanders, Bruin, Coll & Worley represents individuals who are denied Social Security Disability benefits. Some of the more common reasons for claims being denied are:

  • Failure to complete and turn in necessary paperwork;
  • Failure to fully and completely describe your conditions in the forms;
  • Medical records missing from the Social Security file; and
  • Failure to work with treating physician; and
  • Inability to see a physician.

Most people who apply for disability benefits through Social Security are denied the first time they apply, but there is an appeal process available. Time is of the essence, though, in filing an appeal to a denial. There is a 60-day deadline.

What are Social Security benefits?

If you have a disability, disease, or some other condition that significantly limits, or even prevents, you from working, you may be eligible for government assistance. That assistance may be in the form of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) benefits.

SSD benefits (sometimes called SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance) are based on prior work under Social Security. The amount of the SSD benefit that you receive is based on your earnings record–the same earnings record that the Social Security Administration used when determining the amount of Social Security taxes you had to pay. These disability benefits are paid to blind or disabled workers, widows or widowers, or adults disabled since childhood.

SSI, on the other hand, is based on financial need. SSI benefits are for those who are disabled or blind, have limited resources and income, and meet certain other requirements. The amount of the SSI benefit that a worker is entitled to receive varies up to a certain maximum federal benefit rate. That amount may be supplemented by the state or can even be decreased by other income and resources.

How much do the services at Sanders, Bruin, Coll & Worley cost?

The initial consultation to discuss your case and decide if you would like to proceed is completely free. Even after you hire us to represent you, your attorney’s fees are contingent upon recovering benefits for you. The contingency fee is 25% of the back pay recovered for you. That means that your attorney only collects a fee if he is successful in getting you on disability benefits.

Why would I want to hire an attorney to recover my Social Security Disability benefits?

While you can go through the social security process on your own, the statistics clearly show that your chances of being successful are much higher if you have the help of an attorney. If you hire us to represent you, we:

  • Take the stress of the disability process off of you and put it all on our shoulders;
  • Prepare all of the forms necessary to pursue the disability claim, with the exception of only those forms absolutely requiring your input;
  • Review all forms to make sure everything that needs to be said is included;
  • Ensure that you are getting adequate medical care from a doctor who will ultimately support the health claims that are being made;
  • Assist you in obtaining the medical care that they need if you have not secured it;
  • Make sure that all of the important medical records make it into your Social Security file, so they will be considered when a decision is being made; and
  • Represent and prepare you for your hearing before a judge.