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Social Security Spousal Benefits

Is a Personal Injury Preventing You From Receiving SS Benefits?

As you approach that time in life when you are going to rely heavily on Social Security to financially carry you through the remainder of your years, will a personal injury stand in the way?

Unfortunately, many Americans reach their later 60’s, only to discover that the safety net known as Social Security is not quite as safe as they thought it would be.

If you are in need of a New Mexico Social Security attorney, do you know where to turn?

With a Social Security attorney in New Mexico in your corner, you stand a better chance of receiving the benefits you are entitled to after decades of work.

A Social Security attorney can help you obtain compensation for lost work.

That work, however, may have been disrupted by the negligence of someone else, be it an employer or someone who was responsible for injuring you outside the office. In either case, the inability to work could impact you in receiving the full amount of Social Security you are entitled to.

If you could (and want to) still work, but the injuries you suffered as a result of the negligence of someone else prevents you from doing so, a Social Security attorney may also be able to represent you in your personal injury case or refer you to someone who can.

In order for you to have the best chance at receiving the money you are entitled to, working with a New Mexico attorney familiar with rules and regulations involving the Social Security system is imperative.

He or she can not only make sure that all your paperwork with the SS system is up to date, but also that any individual/individuals responsible for your recent injuries will be held accountable.

If you are worrying about your rights to Social Security benefits, make that all-important call today for the needed legal assistance.