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Landlord Injuries

Land with the Right New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney When You’ve Been Injured
Have you or a loved one recently suffered a serious injury that you feel is directly connected to the negligence on the part of a landlord?

If the answer is yes, in reaching out to a New Mexico personal injury attorney, you can confer as to whether or not you may have a legal case on your hands. Personal injury litigation can become quite confusing, so it is important to seek legal counsel to understand your claim.

For example, were you seriously injured due to a dangerous condition on the property? Did your injuries come from the complex where you live or where you were visiting? Could a fire that seriously injured you had been prevented if the landlord had acted preemptively?

New Mexico is considered a comparative negligence state, which means that you could face responsibility to a degree for your injuries. Settlement amounts are lowered in relation to your percentage of being responsible.

No matter how you received your serious injuries, working with a personal injury attorney in New Mexico will bring you insight and hopefully some justice, too.

Bring Home All the Facts When Working with a Personal Injury Attorney
In your discussion/s with a personal injury attorney, be sure to cover the following areas:

  • Where did the accident occur?
  • Have any issues been brought to the attention of the landlord? Problems such as potential fire hazards, poor lighting, items that could fall on someone and cause serious injury etc.
  • Has anyone else suffered a similar injury? It is a good idea to have your legal team find out if any other residents or visitors to the location have suffered such injuries recently.
  • Will this injury impact your ability to provide a living for you or your loved ones? The financial repercussions from these injuries can be extensive.

In working with a personal injury attorney, you will better understand your claim, and understand your chances of holding your negligent landlord accountable.