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Dog Bites Personal Injury

Hiring a New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney Gives Your Case Some Bite

When you’ve been bitten by another person’s dog and suffer from an injury, the financial ramifications can be just as painful as the bite itself. You may have an opportunity to seek compensation through the legal system.

By turning to a New Mexico personal injury attorney, you may be able to hold the dog’s owner accountable and mount a legal case that will might compensate you for your injuries.

Providing Your Personal Injury Attorney with the Evidence

In working with a personal injury attorney in New Mexico, you would be able to put together a liability case against the owner/s of the dog that bit you.

While working with your legal counsel, be sure to cover:

  • Incident – First and foremost, provide as many details as possible about the bite or bites. Consider whether or not you were trespassing, or even whether or not you or someone you were with provoked the dog. Provide your personal injury attorney with not only physical evidence of the injuries, but also any eyewitness testimony that can show how the attack happened.
  • Finances – Depending on how severe the bite or bites end up being, your medical bills could quickly accumulate. In some cases, the injuries will require one or more surgeries or possible skin grafts. There is also the possibility of rabies or other diseases that can be fatal in some circumstances. Don’t let someone’s negligence lead you down a path of financial misery.

When you have been seriously bitten by a dog, take the necessary legal action to make sure you and your family preserve your rights.