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Albuquerque Birth Injury Attorney

Despite the advances of modern medicine, injury at birth is still a very real possibility. Not every birth injury is preventable or is the result of negligence.

There are a couple of key questions that must be asked in evaluating a potential birth injury case. The first question is whether the injury itself was preventable. Another way of asking this question is whether the birth injury was medically unavoidable even though doctors and other medical professionals met the acceptable standards of care.

Another key question in the evaluation of a potential birth injury is one concerning when the injury occurred. This is important because the timing of the occurrence of the injury will be important in any case for medical negligence. The factor of the occurrence of the birth injury will relate closely to the element of causation or what exactly caused the injury.

Our New Mexico Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help You Get Closure

An action against a physician for medical negligence causing the death or injury of your child may be an important part of gaining closure in a traumatic experience. While no amount of money can make up the loss, it may relieve some financial burden.

Birth injuries can occur at varying stages, sometimes during labor, or during delivery, or even after the birth. Common birth injuries that may be the result of substandard care are: spinal cord damage, paralysis, brain damage, Cerebral pays, Erb’s palsy, internal bleeding, or infection. There may be any other number of injuries which could manifest in a variety of ways.

Careless doctors may have failed to account for factors that could lead to complications during labor, delivery, or even after the birth. When the doctor has failed to account for such factors, he or she could be legally responsible for injuries or disabilities resulting from the failure to adhere to the appropriate medical standard of care.

If your infant has suffered injury, or has even had his or her life cut short, because of a physician’s medical negligence, then you should speak with a birth injury lawyer about your legal rights in such a tragic situation. Contact the law firm of Sanders, Bruin, Coll & Worley immediately, as time is of the essence for these types of claims.